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Probation Violations

Probation Violations

Often, when convicted of a crime, you will be released but given probation conditions which you must agree to and faithfully observe. These can include a wide variety of requirements, tailored to your individual case and usually in some way related to the crime of which you have been convicted.
You can be arrested for violating your probation in the following ways:

  • Failure to complete any condition of original probation;
  • Changing your address without permission;
  • Failure to pay court costs or fines;
  • Missing a meeting with a probation officer;
  • Not completing court-ordered classes and or treatment programs;
  • Commission of another crime.

If you are found guilty of violating your probation, more conditions may be added to your probation terms. Your probation period may be lengthened or revoked, and you may even face time in jail or prison.

Probation is a delicate position to be in. It can be easy to violate probation, even to do so accidentally, but the result can have dire consequences for your future and for the ultimate recovery from your original conviction. It is best to have an experienced attorney at your disposal while on probation, or at least once you have been accused of committing a violation. Once the complaint against you has been brought to a judge, you will typically be called to two separate hearings. There is no reason to attend a violation of probation hearing ("surrender hearing") without an attorney. When under probation, the judge and prosecutor likely already hold you under high suspicion as a convicted criminal. You will need a qualified legal advocate to present a case for your rights and liberties as a citizen on their way to reform.

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