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Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses

Convictions for drug offenses, while extremely common in Massachusetts, can carry serious short-term and long-term consequences. Drug convictions not only jeopardize your freedom, but may also impact your driver's license and your ability to receive student aid if you are a student. A conviction for trafficking can carry high mandatory minimum sentences, often dependent not only on how much of a drug was allegedly in your possession, but also which types of drugs, whether you were in a school zone, or whether firearms were involved, making a proper legal defense absolutely essential if you are facing such accusations. Such sentences often include significant prison time, heavy fines, probation, and/or mandatory drug treatment programs.

The primary defense in most drug possession and sale matters involves whether the prosecution can establish that the evidence was lawfully obtained. An unlawful search and seizure may result in the evidence found being ruled inadmissible in any court proceeding. There are numerous potential mistakes police can make in obtaining evidence, executing a search warrant, or otherwise investigating drug activity.  

In handling your case we will examine a number of important questions:
  • Was the arrest executed properly by police?
  • Was your property legally seized during the arrest?
  • Were your Miranda rights violated during the arrest?
  • Were witnesses present who support your side of the story?

The prosecution has the burden of proof to establish that the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution has not been violated. If a violation is shown, the evidence may be suppressed, and the case may be dismissed.

Whether you are facing heroin or cocaine charges, marijuana possession, illegal prescription drug charges, or any other drug charges, we will fight for a favorable outcome, whether that be dismissal of charges, reduced charges, or acquittal by jury.

If you (or a loved one) have been arrested or accused of drug offenses in Massachusetts, call my office at (781) 436-0316 and speak to a skilled Massachusetts criminal defense  lawyer for free.

If you (or a loved one) was charged with a drug offense in Massachusetts, call my office at (781) 436-0316 and speak to a skilled Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer for free.

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