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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes violence between intimates such as family members, spouses, or domestic partners. Due in large part to the nature of most relationships in which domestic violence occurs, it can be difficult to prove either innocence or guilt of domestic violence charges. One significant element of domestic violence charges is that they cannot be dropped by the original alleged victim. If someone is suspected of committing domestic violence, prosecutors will often bring charges regardless of a victim's declaration. Likewise, when responding to reports of domestic violence, many police departments in Massachusetts are required to arrest whichever party appears guilty of the charges at the time and remove them from the home.

As a result of these measures, it is easy for the involved parties to quickly lose control of the legal situation surrounding a domestic violence complaint. The high risk involved and committed investment of a criminal prosecutor make it essential to retain a criminal defense attorney to protect yourself from the potential damage of domestic violence charges.

Consequences of a domestic violence conviction could impact your criminal record, chances for employment, cause a restraining order, jail time, fines, loss of child custody, and/or affect other rights and privileges. In short, these are charges that can have a huge negative impact on your life and future without necessarily having manifested much evidence of a crime. It is therefore critical to attain proper legal representation whenever you are under threat of a domestic violence complaint.

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